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Prof. Gianfranco Trapani

Enrolled at the Medical Council of the Turin Province from 1980 to 1985 and at the Medical Council of Imperia with number 1214 since 1985.

  • ●  Interested in Pediatric Nutrition, Phytotherapy and Complementary Medicine. Collaborating with the Liguria Region (InLiguria Agency) and the University of Turin on scientific researches: Olive Oil and child health. Organizing training courses on pediatric nutrition and children’s first 1000 days development.

  • ●  Director of Study Center Alfred Nobel’s friends

  • ●  President of Italian Society of Biotherapy, SMB ITALIA 2014.- 2020

  • ●  Member of the GSMC Directive Group of the Pediatric Italian Association (SIP), 2012 – 2016.

  • ●  Member of the Scientific Directive Board of the Pediatricians Italian Federation (FIMP) for

    Complementary Medicine since 2014.

  • ●  Expert of the Italian Ministry of Health for the ECM Program since 2001.

  • ●  Expert Consultant in Pediatric Nutrition for Mondadori Editore at a “Train for Expo” Expo Milano-


  • ●  Published 44 books about Pediatrics health, life-style and nutrition, Complementary Medicine in Italy.

    Some of them are considered best-sellers and have been translated abroad in Lebanon, Czech Republic, Russia, Spain, Mexico, Poland and India.