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Enver Hasanoğlu

Prof. Dr. Enver Hasanoğlu was born in  1946. In 1969 he graduated from Istanbul University; Istanbul School of Medicine and in 1973 he completed his residency training in Pediatrics at Hacettepe University, Ankara,Turkey and Peditric Nephrology fellowship training at Glasgow University,Royal Hospital for   Sick Children. He is amomg the pioneers of pediatric nephrology in Europe. He has been appointed as professor of pediatrics in 1984. He has not only served children to prevent and cure their diseases as a pediatrician but also by his efforts in medical and higher education. He has been the Dean of Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine between 1984-1988 and Gazi University Faculty of Medicine between 1988-1992. There after he was appointed the Rector of Gazi University between 1992-2000. He has been the vice president of Bilkent University Trustees and president of International Children’s Center. He has been working with  the mission of IPA for more than 20 years in different committees of IPA in severeal countries all over the world. He now continues his efforts in education by his leadership in the organisation of  regional, national and international meetings for the training of pediatricians. He continues his efforts in the health and well being of children with his leadership in the projects of refugee children where  Turkey is hosting the largest number of refugees nearly around 4 million which almost half is children.


Prof.Dr. Hasanoğlu is currently holding the positions of  Secretary General of the Union of National Pediatric Societies of Turkish Republics (UNPSTR) since 1993; UNICEF Turkey National Committee Member of Directory Board since 1993;  Secretary General of Turkish National Pediatric Society since 2003;  Secretary General of  Union of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Pediatric Societies (UMEMPS) since 2008; Member of Standing Committee of the International Pediatrics Association (IPA) since 2007 and Member of the Executive Committee of IPAF.


Prof.Dr. Hasanoğlu is a member of European Dialysis and Transplantation Association (EDTA), Middle East Societies for Organ Transplantation (MESOT), European Society for Pediatric Nephrology, Member of Turkish Medical Academy, Turkish Nephrology and Hypertension Association, and  President of Azerbaijan-Turkish Foundation.                                                                                       


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