Neuro Disability Outpatient Clinic Practice


  • Every child grows and learns at his own place and the range of what’s normal is pretty wide.

  • It’s helpful, though, to know the signs that a child might not have the skills most other kids have at his age, Doctors call those problems developmental delays.

  • Developmental delay (GDD) affects 1%-3% of the population of children under 5 years of age , making it one of the most common conditions presenting in pediatric clinics; causes are exogenous, genetic (non-metabolic) or genetic (metabolic).

  • Recent advances in biotechnology and genetic testing mean that the investigations available to perform for children under 5 years are increasing and are more sensitive than previously.

  • Management plan must deal with societal attitudes, education and training, home and community support, residential accommodation, day services and other type of support

  • There will be a panel discussion at the end of this workshop with questions and answers.



Date: 10-13 April 2019

Duration: 2 hours

Workshop moderator:

Omnia El Rashidy, Professor of Pediatric Neurology and Neurodisability, Ain Shams University.

Workshop speakers:

  • Sameh Abdalla, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Neurology, Menoufia University

Speaking about Basic Knowledge on GDD

  • Hassan El Ghandour, Professor of Phoniatrics and Learning disabilities, Ain Shams University.

Speaking about Educational support for patients with GDD.

  • Hanan Ghadirey, Consultant of Psychiatry and Mental Health.

Speaking about Psychological overview for patients and families

  • Nahed Abd Khaled, Head of General Directorate of Disability prevention, Ministry of Health.

Speaking about Medical services delivered by Ministry of Health

  • Omnia El Rashidy, Professor of Pediatric Neurology and Neurodisability, Ain Shams University.

Speaking about "Rehabilitation plan for GDD




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